Earshot partners with IBM Watson to inform real-time relevancy through Decibel Level scoring system.

Personalization Redefined


90% of all marketers believe that 1:1 personalization is the wave of the future, yet only 5% are doing it at a sophisticated level.* Earshot helps close this gap by giving brands the real-time insight and tools they need to achieve true personalization through precision-based campaigns and engagement.


*Source: Terada, 2015; Econsultancy, 2014



Real-Time Relevance

The patent pending Decibel Level™ gives marketers a new way to discover real-time relevance through social media. Weighted variables about the post, the person, location, and real-time conditions are blended together to create a dynamic computation that is actionable for brands to zero in on the right audience at the right time.

Custom Computation

Customizable Computation

Marketers control the weighting of these variables so the Decibel Level™ computation is unique to every brand or campaign. Adjusting levels of importance about everything from personality type to social influence or even logo detection in photos gives brands real-time control over what they want to “tune” into on social media.


Measurable Impact

The impact of Decibel Level™ is realized as marketers reapply the real-time index to precision-based engagement within the Earshot platform. Combining more scalable 1:1 conversations with very targeted programmatic campaigns yields a better ROI that meets the requirements of all stakeholders in the business.

Improve your social media ROI through a precision-based marketing strategy powered by Earshot.

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