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Changing the Way Brands Discover and Acquire New Customers Through Social Media

Every day, millions of relevant social media posts are missed by brands because they don’t carry the right handle, hashtag, or key word. Often, the posts come from people in the midst of an experience that’s related to the brand and who are in a position to transact. These posts represent an untapped opportunity to connect with willing consumers – at the right time, right place – when the impact of their message can be longer lasting and the conversion rates much higher.

Earshot combines real-time location data, consumer profile data and custom filters in the post, to allow brands to quickly identify and engage consumers who have a higher probability of becoming a new customer.

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Earshot intelligently captures eligible social media posts within defined geo-fences as the first filter for relevancy. Identifying active users at the 'right time, right place' allows brands to appropriately engage select consumers in a position to transact or amplify a positive experience.

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Our relevancy engine then interprets variables such as social influence, exact location, key word, time of day, and other important criteria to provide clients with the intelligence to identify and convert the most valuable engagement opportunities into real revenues and more actionable insights.

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Real-Time Engagement

Through the engagement platform and enterprise mobile app, Earshot allows brands to connect in real time with customers to drive business results. By intelligently redirecting social media to the appropriate locations and authorized users, Earshot can empower those at the local level for real-time resolution, reward, or other forms of valuable engagement.

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The Earshot Solution

Our real-time engagement platform, relevancy engine, enterprise mobile app, and analytics dashboard provide Earshot clients with the tools and technology to more effectively manage proximity-based social media. As a compliment to existing social media management systems, Earshot solves many of the challenges associated with identifying, engaging, and interpreting the most relevant social media posts being authored every day.

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“We use Earshot as it provides an effective filter to manage the overwhelming number of Tweets we get every day. We are able to respond more effectively to a Tweet that is 'within earshot' as it's a guest that is here in real time and therefore we have the ability to improve or address his/her experience.”

Justin Saper

Lettuce Entertain You

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“Earshot was instrumental in helping us achieve our client's goals. I would highly recommend their solution to any brand or agency looking for a new approach to more relevant social media engagement.”

Joanna Soricelli


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“Earshot allowed us to have more meaningful conversations with consumers on-site at our client’s event than we would have otherwise. It is a unique and real-time tool for engaging via social media and helped increase awareness and consideration for our client.”

Sarah Redman

Zócalo Group

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