Earshot for Business

Earshot provides a new dimension to social media management where location becomes one of the key determinants of the selection process for real-time customer engagement. Locations of interest may include parks, arenas, stores, airports, hotels, and other places where consumers are more likely to be interacting with your brand and more willing to receive a relevant, contextual, engagement.

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The Impact of Earned Media

A recent study has shown that earned media has a more lasting impact than any form of media. The most authentic forms of earned media are achieved through personalized interactions with the right consumers. Earshot can help businesses intelligently filter the fire hose of social media to identify these users while they are also at the right place at the right time.

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Converting Missed Opportunities into New Revenues

An independent study indicated that over 90% of all social media posts authored within a 1 block radius of a major retailer did not carry the appropriate Twitter handle or name of the brand. Ironically, many of these posts carried words like 'shop', 'save', 'shoes', and were even authored by fans of the brand. Earshot provides the tools and technology to help identify these users at the right time and provide clever ways for our clients to engage and convert.

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Real-Time Relevancy

Digging deeper to understand individual user behaviors across different social channels and layering in location can provides a more dynamic view of relevancy. Someone's uniqueness and importance to a brand can change whether they are at the ballpark, the restaurant, or the mall right now. Earshot can provide a more contextual profile of individual users to justify personal, 1:1 engagements and the pay-off they can generate.

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Delivering Location-Relevant Insights

Earshot is also a rich new source for more authentic, actionable insights. By filtering through location, we can access an instantaneous focus group and capture real-time sentiment from specific locations. Our analytics and intelligence can be an invaluable resource for trend analysis, location specific comparison analysis, behavior analysis, and competitive insight.

Delivering Value Across Verticals

Drive in-store traffic by intercepting social signals within the geo-fence of a location and converting those consumers into customers.

Increase transaction size through real-time incentives, new product communications, and better information for customers in-store.

Improve loyalty through real-time resolution, personalization, and contextual.
Real-time resolution and more personalized customer service leads to more positive reviews on Trip Advisor, Yelp, and other review sites.

Gain new insights and data from guests that are more authentic and actionable while they are on site.

Put ‘heads in beds’ that are nearby looking for a room last minute by converting social signals within designated locations into opportunities to accommodate.
Capture new customers with real-time incentives while they are shopping or nearby locations that carry your product.

Integrate into overall shopper marketing strategy by engaging users when it’s contextual and relevant during their shopping experience.

Capture key insights about your brand and your competitors brands.
Enrich the fan experience in-game with promotions and communications customized for those within the geo-fence of the stadium or arena.

Sell future tickets / souvenirs. Connect with fans with the emotion is strongest and they are in a position to transact – at the arena or stadium.

Identify and engage fans who purchased tickets on the secondary market to build a relationship for future sales through primary channel.