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Leverage the power of Earshot’s Decibel Level™ scoring system to identify new influencers, acquire new customers, and improve overall social media management

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Every minute matters

Studies have shown that engaging consumers in real-time can lead to a 59% increase in customer conversion. This means millions of dollars in potential revenue for brands that are able to shave off critical minutes finding the right posts and the right people to engage on social media.

Earshot has pioneered a new approached to “micro-listening” at the post level that is revolutionizing how brands can achieve better business results. In fact, Anheuser-Busch has reduced response times by 5x integrating Decibel Level into their monitoring streams to better prioritize incoming posts.

Earshot’s Decibel Level™, stitches together dozens of variables that are relevant to a specific brand or campaign to help marketers tap into the insights of real-time conditions, emotions and behaviors to achieve better business results. See how Earshot can help your team today.

Introducing Earshot

Redefining how marketers can discover and engage consumers on social media in real-time

Optimize your customer acquisition strategy with a real-time marketing solution powered by Earshot

Acquire New Customers

Translate real-time behaviors or emotions such as intent, needs, and sentiment along with other real-time social media marketing signals such as location to surface opportunities to win customers.

Optimize your influencer marketing strategy with a real-time marketing solution powered by Earshot

Discover New Influencers

Surface new influencers and brand advocates that would otherwise go unnoticed and engage them in real-time when the brand is top of mind and their propensity to share is highest.

Optimize your event marketing strategy with a real-time marketing solution powered by Earshot

Optimize Live Events

Engage with attendees at live events to achieve offline goals such as sampling or surprise and delight and extend sponsor dollars through more targeted paid campaigns in real-time.

Some of Our Valued Clients

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Earshot has changed how we discover and engage people in real-time on social media”

-Mike Raspatello, Director, Digital Innovation & Strategy, AB InBev


“Earshot and their unique Decibel Level enables us to deliver the right content at the most relevant moment for our users”

-Josh Karpf, Global Director, Social Marketing, Spotify

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