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Mondelēz International Collaborates with Cutting-Edge Startups & Leading Retailers to Help Redefine Retail in 90 Days

Shopper Futures program pairs Mondelēz International’s power brands with retailers and startups to create innovative solutions for consumers. NEW YORK and TORONTO, August 31, 2015 – Mondelēz International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDLZ) today announced the eight startups selected to participate in the company’s Shopper Futures program. Shopper Futures, Mondelēz International’s breakthrough innovation initiative, brings together leading retailers, ambitious entrepreneurs, and its own power brands to help transform the consumer retail experience. The company received hundreds of applications from startups across the US and Canada. After a rigorous evaluation process, 18 startups were invited to a Pitch Day to present and meet with participating retailers and brand intrapreneurs. The eight selected startups will now work with major retailers in collaboration with Mondelēz International brands to bring in-market pilots to life over the next 90 days. Those collaborations are: Sampler collaborating with Albertsons & RITZ brand, US Shelfbucks collaborating with Meijer & OREO brand, US Shelfbucks collaborating with Wakefern & HALLS brand, US Freckle IoT collaborating with 7-Eleven & OREO/belVita brands, US Strap collaborating with Kum & Go & TRIDENT brand, US Turnstyle Solutions collaborating with QuickChek & SWEDISH FISH brand, US Turnstyle Solutions collaborating with Mac’s Convenience Stores (Ontario Division) & CADBURY brand, Canada Aislelabs collaborating with Metro & TRISCUIT brand, Canada Earshot collaborating with 7-Eleven Canada & DENTYNE brand, Canada Aisle411 collaborating with HALLS brand, Canada “We’re thrilled to be working with some of the most ambitious entrepreneurs and retailers across North America, to help shape the future of retail both in-store and online,” said Kim Yansen, Director of Field Shopper Marketing at Mondelēz International. “The caliber of participating startups is... read more

Personalization is as much about the “How” as it is the “Who”

Personalization is becoming a bit of an overused term in digital marketing today. Every marketer talks about wanting to achieve personalization, but most are still struggling to do it effectively. Econsultancy recently reported that only 5% of marketers are doing personalization at a sophisticated level. It’s certainly not because there is a lack of data available to target people. Marketers now have access to more information than ever about us as consumers – age, gender, purchase history, online behaviors, interests, location, marital status, etc., so “audiences” in many ways have become harder to differentiate. The challenge for marketers is now less about whom to target, but more about how to target them with the right message and context to achieve the best results. Most marketers think about format or technique when they consider the how of targeting – whether it’s using video, user-generated content, programmatic buying, etc. And although this is very important, these examples are more about the approach than the actual message itself. The how we are referring to is about a message connecting with a person’s specific emotional drivers – their real-time sentiment or their personality type, and nowhere is this more accessible and effective than through social media. Within social media, marketers are able to draw on real-time sentiment to capitalize on opportunities to help, empathize, or educate when the moment presents itself, even when they are not talking directly to the brand. Tapping into posts shared by those very people seeking conversation presents opportunities to humanize the brand and make it more authentic. It reveals a genuine voice of the brand and leads to... read more

Earshot Partners With IBM Watson to Bring More Personalization to Real-Time Marketing

Watson will further enhance Earshot’s real-time relevancy score Decibel Level™ through the power of cognitive computing CHICAGO, IL (August 10, 2015) – Earshot, a precision-based social media marketing platform, today announced it has become an IBM Watson ecosystem partner and will leverage the cognitive computing power of IBM Watson to further inform Earshot’s patent pending Decibel Level™, a real-time relevancy score that helps marketers instantly discover and win new customers at the right time through social media. Real-Time Marketing with Decibel Level Powered by IBM Watson Earshot’s Decibel Level is a dynamic algorithm that combines different variables in real-time to compute a relevancy score between 0.1 and 9.9 for every social media post captured within the Earshot platform. Variables include things like location, keywords in the post, time of day, bio or demographic information of the user, or even logo detection in photos. Earshot clients can customize and adjust their own Decibel Level to “tune” into consumers on social media who have a higher likelihood of conversion and then engage them in 1:1 conversations or target them with additional context through precision-based paid media campaigns. More precise targeting through Earshot ultimately helps marketers realize the goals of personalization that lead to higher conversion rates and longer-lasting customer relationships. By adding the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson to the Decibel Level computation, Earshot will create even more opportunities for brands to uncover real-time relevance through new variables such as personality traits of users or the decoding of complex 3D images like stadiums, airports, or dogs. As an example, a major alcoholic beverage company is using Decibel Level powered by Watson... read more