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5 Takeaways from the 2016 Corporate Social Media Summit

This week, Earshot had the pleasure of attending the Corporate Social Media Summit in Brooklyn, NY. With more than 350 attendees from Fortune 500 brands, agencies, and technology companies, the conference featured engaging content on the state of the social media landscape, and how the industry will evolve in the future. From Coca-Cola’s Social Media Director Tim Goudie to Twitter’s Head of Social Customer Service Jeff Lesser, top thought leaders shared some great pieces of advice with attendees. Here are five major takeaways from this year’s conference. 1. “Stop selling, start telling” In his presentation, Coca-Cola Social Media Director Tim Goudie explained how the brand utilizes video to communicate with target audiences on social media. As part of its sustainability initiative in 2015, Coca-Cola released two different videos to target specific audiences. The first video, “Introducing Plant Bottle”, which runs for four minutes, was targeted to brands and focused on product innovation. The second video, “Plant Bottle Pendulum Wave” runs for one minute and was targeted toward consumers, featuring unmarked soda bottles swinging in mesmerizing patterns, encouraging viewers to “see bottles differently.” By sharing these videos with the right audiences through various social channels, Coca-Cola generated significant engagement with the brand, ultimately leading to higher brand perception and sentiment. 2. Use social to understand your customers More than 80% of companies still believe that are not fully leveraging the power of social, largely due to lack of organizational support. Wilson Sporting Goods CMO Amy Weisenbach described how she received buy-in from her organization by using social media to discover key insights about younger athletes. Last year, in an effort to... read more