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Timing is Everything To Win Big With Influencer Marketing

As Influencer Marketing continues to gain more steam, engaging the right influencers on social media within seconds or minutes of a relevant post they make can have a big impact on how marketers can unleash the power of social sharing.  At Earshot, we have seen share rates on social media increase by more than 2.5x when micro-influencers are engaged by a brand within 10 minutes of a post.  The impact of a thoughtful reply or a well-timed ‘like’ for brand awareness can make a big difference on how consumers perceive whether a brand is really listening to them and the likelihood of them sharing content with their friends and followers on social media. And as most marketers know, the most effective type of influencer marketing is when it’s authentic sharing from the person and not driven by incentives or other artificial motivations. On social media, there is a unique opportunity to deepen the trust with influencers and increase the chances of capturing the right kind of earned media by engaging at the right place, right time.  This doesn’t always have to be when an influencer is talking about the brand or sharing positive sentiment.  Providing instruction in a time of need (e.g. an insurance company providing helpful advice to people in a town ravaged by a tornado) or adding to the conversation when it’s complimentary to the brand and fit for commentary (e.g. a beer brand providing grilling tips to people talking about outdoor barbeques) can be an incredibly effective way to build and deepen that trust with influencers.  It’s sometimes tougher to measure, but ultimately, it’s trust that... read more