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5 Ways to Drive Higher ROI at Events through Social Media

Marketers spend more than $50 billion every year on events to promote their brand. Usually, the goal is to create a strong connection between the event and the marketers’ brands through sponsored dollars that can yield a return on investment over time. With this kind of commitment, extending the reach and impact through social media is an opportunity for marketers to improve overall ROI. At Earshot, we are monitoring and scoring social media posts in real-time for thousands of events every year so that major brands can quickly connect with attendees and amplify the experience to a larger audience. With thousands of opportunities to discover and engage attendees with relevant content through social media during these moments, marketers can achieve incredibly high engagement and share rates and impact results pre, during, and post event. After having seen success with events ranging from Lollapalooza to the Consumer Electronics Show, here are 5 ways we see leading brands utilizing social media at events to achieve better event-based ROI: 1. Drive offline behaviors like sampling or sign-ups Connecting the digital to physical world is the ultimate conversion metric. Leverage social media as a new brand channel during these live events to drive conversions on site and win new customers. 2. Identify new brand advocates and influencers Using logo detection and other influencer discovery tools, social media can reveal new advocates at live events who are sharing brand specific content and where brand affinity and brand recall are at their highest. 3. Activate surprise & delight campaigns and capture earned media Use the event as an opportunity to provide a VIP experience for... read more

Introducing Earshot Analytics

Today we are excited to announce the release of a new version of Earshot Analytics to help marketers measure their true social ROI during campaigns and events.  In contrast to traditional social listening tools that construct word clouds or do macro-analysis of consumer sentiment across all of social, Earshot Analytics takes a deeper dive into what is driving engagement rates, conversions, and earned media through social and the ripple effect of 1:1 conversations.  The key to optimizing engagements is to continuously refine how posts are prioritized and to identify and apply the consistent themes that yield the best results.  Through our Decibel Level scoring system, we are able to capture the data and insights from successful engagements and apply them in real-time so that our Decibel algorithm gets smarter after every post and is unique for every brand or campaign.  Using Earshot Analytics, marketers are now empowered to quickly identify the impact of response times, the ‘amplification’ of shared conversations on social, and the tools to take social filtering to an entirely new level.  We look forward to sharing more details in the weeks to come and hope to hear from many of you... read more