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It’s Time to Take Social Media Filtering to the Next Level

As the number of daily conversations between brands and consumers on social media continues to grow, it’s becoming a much bigger challenge for marketers to adequately support the volume of daily inbound brand mentions with the resources they have in place today. In fact, according to Engagor, 45% of retailers are ignoring customer service inquiries on Twitter altogether because they don’t have the resources in place to handle them. Adding more people (and costs) to keep up with the volume is a hard pill to swallow for most marketing departments and especially the CFO. That said, in today’s world it’s also become unacceptable for brands to fail to reply to posts that are relevant – especially when they are coming from loyal customers who spend thousands of dollars a year with them and expect a reply or become at risk in leaving the brand. One of the biggest issues contributing to this challenge is that despite all of the social media management tools out there today, the signal-to-noise ratio for inbound posts is still far too high in the feeds of the community managers responsible for engagement. Sifting through meaningless posts from businesses or from people who are not deserving of a response to find the right ones that need responding to is only becoming more complicated for social media teams. Keyword filtering is just not enough anymore and most of these community managers are spending too much of their time vetting posts and vetting people – directly impacting their productivity and response times. Ultimately, this leads to higher labor costs for the business and / or impacts retention... read more

The Rise of the Micro-Influencer

Savvy marketers are starting to put more of their budget into influencer marketing as they begin to realize the results it can yield at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. The success of well-known influencers such as Logan Paul or King Bach with younger consumers is now widely documented, as their sheer reach and impact through social media is truly compelling. Beyond just their reach, these influencers have the unique ability to connect with a demographic that responds better to irreverent, clever snippets that involve the brand in more natural ways than a 30 second TV spot. Their content drives engagement and carries more weight with younger people since it feels real. In short, effective influencer marketing is here to stay with new companies like TapInfluence or Studio71 zeroing in on how to connect these top-tier influencers to brands who want to be represented. That said, these major influencers can only endorse so many brands and there are only so many that are talented enough to connect the right way with their audience. Their influence is not so much expertise or deep passion for the brand as it is a channel for awareness. Demand for limited spots drives up the price of well-known influencers so it can be difficult for all brands to wedge their way into this powerful channel with the biggest names on social media. With this being the case, how can marketers extend the success of these major influencers to credible “micro-influencers” who can champion their brand? The ones who have tens of thousands of followers, credibility, and in some cases, may be fans... read more