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Why your customers are your best influencers

Everyone knows by now that marketers are shifting a lot of their attention (and budget) to influencer marketing. Consumers don’t want ads, they want stories, and they want to hear from real people in a thoughtful, unique way. Most influencer marketing platforms today are built to connect brands to people who have meaningful reach on social media, create great content, have some topical relevance or expertise, and have strong engagement from their audience. This is a good formula for a successful influencer strategy, but it’s missing a key ingredient of what consumers crave the most: Authenticity. No doubt, an over-used word these days, but there is really no substitute for what it means to have someone who genuinely likes and actually uses your product before they’re incentivized to do so. One of the overlooked goldmines for finding authentic influencers is in the CRM of every major marketer today. It’s these true customers who love their brand, talk about it to friends, and use it regularly because they like it. They may not have millions of followers, but many will have tens of thousands of followers who are engaged with what they are saying. It only takes a few dozen of these micro-influencers to create significant reach, but finding them amongst the hundreds of thousands (or millions) of customers is hard. Most marketers still cannot connect an email address or purchase data to how influential a person may be on social media. Despite a litany of personal data and purchase behavior, they are not capturing social media data on these customers along the way. Not just their social ID, but... read more