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Connecting promoted content to the moment

Earshot Precision allows marketers to personalize at scale by reapplying Decibel Level™ to real-time paid social media campaigns, real-time emails, and other automated communications. Using real-time custom audiences and real-time targeting, marketers can deliver more context and drive higher conversion rates through the power of timing.

Personalization at Scale

  • Drive better results with real-time targeting based on location, interests, and other filters
  • Deliver personalized content in the moment when brand emotions are strongest
  • Create other real-time triggers (push notifications to app, SMS, etc.) based on Decibel Level scoring
Get started with Earshot Precision today to optimize real-time targeting on social media. Launch paid social campaigns via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
Optimize your real-time targeting campaigns via real-time tailored audiences on Twitter.

More Targeted Campaigns on Social

  • Create real-time custom audiences on social media for more precise paid social campaigns
  • Reach consumers based on their explicit needs, intent, and real-time conditions vs. traditional audience segmentation
  • Real-time, hyper-local targeting at scale to drive offline results

Real-Time Email Marketing

  • Accelerate the customer journey by using signals of interest from social to trigger emails in the moment
  • Drive open rates and conversion rates by timing emails when needs or conditions are relevant
  • Re-engage inactive customers in your CRM by sending more relevant, timely emails
Automatically trigger emails based on real-time signals of intent from social media. Use emails to optimize your real-time targeting efforts on social media.

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