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Relevance isn’t static. It changes every minute. Consider the ’28-38 year old active woman who likes yoga’ profile. It would appear that she is perfect for a brand like Lululemon to target continuously through multiple media channels. But consider this same woman with the flu. Wouldn’t Vicks or Walgreens have a better chance of ‘hitting the mark’ with her while she’s in this condition?

Earshot was founded with the goal of synthesizing location-based insight and unique real-time information to provide brands with a smarter approach to real-time precision-based marketing. Our goal from the beginning has been to bring brands and consumers together through proper timing and context. Through social media, we can unlock new clues to make this a reality, where consumers ultimately feel more connected and trusting of those brands seeking to win them over.

Our Commitment to Privacy

Earshot believes consumer privacy interests should be the top priority of any campaign. Our approach to both data collection and messaging techniques is built on a shared belief with clients that being helpful and relevant will outdistance any short-term, transactional strategies that may be perceived as unwelcome or intrusive. Our goal at Earshot is to equip brands with the tools to pick up on consumer needs and emotion when timing and context translates into real value, and to help them avoid location-based tactics that the consumer may not want or expect.

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