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The Evolving Social Media Department: A New Approach to Maximizing Social ROI

As social media has become a more visible part of the overall marketing strategy, it’s worth exploring whether their departments are structured to optimize the full potential of this powerful media channel. With over 80% of CEO’s reporting they are disappointed with their CMO’s (Fournaise Group Survey, 2014), the spotlight is brighter than ever on these executives to perform and demonstrate measurable results to the business. And, with all of the attention these days on ‘Social ROI’, it’s time to reconsider how this communication channel can be managed and what additional resources should be dedicated to it in order to realize its full potential. Introducing the Social Customer Acquisition Specialist – a new role within the social media department that will be measured less on qualitative metrics like engagement and more on the discovery and acquisition of new customers. Most would consider the Community Manager as the primary gatekeeper to social media management as they are the one ‘managing the community’ of people who are fans or followers of the brand and owned media channels. These people have backgrounds as writers, marketers, and social media specialists who can find powerful ways to promote content, engage fans in clever ways, and inspire conversation with a legion of people who have a shared interest (the brand). They are true marketing communications specialists with a knack for what can work in communicating one-to-many through multiple social channels whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. As consumers have started using social media more and more as a customer service channel to command brands’ attention, companies were forced to respond to customers and either... read more

Looking Beyond the Handle and Hashtag: A Proactive Approach to Acquiring New Customers Through Social Media

Many would contend that the real emergence of brands using social media started when Facebook launched FB Pages back in 2007. Less than seven years later, it’s hard to believe that a brand like Coca-Cola would have amassed over 84 million ‘Likes’ through this (relatively) new media channel. Now virtually every major brand in the world is activating daily campaigns through all of the major social networks whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Snapchat. Leveraging these owned media channels to push content was the first way for brands to benefit through social media and continues to be the primary use case for brands on social media today. With content marketing strategies being activated daily through creative video, blogs, localized content, etc., leading brands are finding clever new ways every day to promote and educate existing fans, followers, and customers. While these one-way marketing efforts through the owned social channels continued to grow and evolve, leading brands also began to recognize more and more that it wasn’t just a one-way street – that customers active on social media were talking about them, and in many cases, expecting a real-time response. What emerged were sophisticated listening tools and social platforms to help brands react more effectively to existing fans, followers or customers – helping them identify brand advocates and amplify positive experiences while mitigating the impact of negative sentiment. In some cases, even using these two-way conversations to capture new forms of earned media. It was the real-time interactions between brands and their customers that became as critical as the broadcasting of new content through these owned channels. Now, progressive... read more