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Making Moments “Really” Matter

One of the more popular phrases used by marketers today is “moments that matter” – those brief opportunities to display the right content, at the right time. In fact, when Deloitte and WARC released their predictions for the top marketing trends of 2016, “moment-based” marketing topped the list. But how can marketers take advantage of these “moments”? One approach that has recently gained popularity is location-based marketing – using the insight of location to target consumers in “moments” when they are more likely to transact. In fact, the Location Based Services market is expected to grow 22% annually in the next four years, to reach $40B by 2020. That said, marketers are now beginning to look beyond location in their search for finding relevant “moments,” by leveraging data from social media. In addition to location, dynamic variables such as emotion, intent, weather, and even image analytics can be taken into account. By blending these dynamic variables with “static” ones such as hometown, gender, and even personality type, marketers can gain access to a world of insight that makes location data that much more valuable. At Earshot, we are helping brands leverage the power of “real-time” to capitalize on these moments of impact. Our Decibel LevelTM algorithm analyzes hundreds of variables on social media that are unique to each brand or campaign, to surface only the most relevant consumers in real-time. Every post captured through our platform is then scored on a 10-point scale, so that marketers can easily prioritize the most relevant “moments” depending on brands’ business objectives. We’ve proven with several clients that the higher the Decibel LevelTM... read more

How Earshot Scored in Real-Time During Super Bowl 50

How Earshot Scored in Real-Time During Super Bowl 50
As Panthers and Broncos fans geared up for Super Bowl 50, social media channels exploded with excitement. This year, users posted 27 million Tweets about the event, generating 4.3 billion impressions globally. A large portion of this chatter – about 10 million Tweets – was directed at brands, as viewers created their own versions of the #PuppyMonkeyBaby and reacted to Peyton Manning’s plan to “drink a lot of Budweiser” after the game. But with this staggering volume on social, were brands able to keep up? The growth of mobile has caused consumers to expect instant replies, even during monumental events like the Super Bowl when brands receive thousands of Tweets every minute. To put things in perspective, during this year’s game Twitter generated more than 400,000 retweets from company Twitter feeds. While major brands might have 10 to 20 people on staff dedicated to social, there are still thousands of posts, favorites, and photos they have to sift through every minute – many of which are irrelevant or come from spam accounts. How, then, were brands able to sift through all of this data in minutes? At Earshot, we consistently help brands to achieve just that. Our Decibel Level algorithm scores social media posts captured through our platform (0.1-9.9), based on a customized set of brand inputs, so that companies can easily identify and engage their most relevant consumers and audiences. In anticipation for the Super Bowl, we worked closely with clients to help them achieve their goals, which included increasing engagement rates, capturing more earned media, and reducing response times. Consider how a Fortune 500 alcoholic brand leveraged Earshot for... read more