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5 Questions with Stewart Rogers from VentureBeat

Last week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology at VB Insight, VentureBeat’s research arm. Stewart has spent over 25 years in sales, marketing, and running software companies. When he’s not reporting the news on VentureBeat, he’s analyzing marketing technology for VB Insight, and speaking at events across the globe. Stewart spoke with us to share his perspectives on real-time marketing and personalization, and where he sees the industry going in the future. Earshot: “Real-time marketing” is defined differently depending who you ask.  How do you define it? Rogers: Real-time marketing means responding to people in an instant, or at least understanding what is happening at that moment. We see a lot of technologies that gather results – like social listening solutions, social media monitoring solutions – over a period. What you’re doing is effectively looking in the rear-view mirror at the data and then reacting to that data. But of course it’s old, it’s something that happened as opposed to something that is going on right now. Whereas real-time, per the name, is not just monitoring what’s going on, but instantly reacting to it in some way shape or form. Earshot: How do you think real-time data can inform marketing personalization? Rogers: We live in the age of the “never-satisfied, always-mobile customer.” When I say “never -satisfied,” I mean whatever product or service you sell they wanted a better version of that, yesterday. And when I say “always-mobile,” we’re talking about a world where people reach for their smartphones within 25 seconds of waking up to check their social networks and unlock them... read more