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The Science of Real-Time Relevance

Custom Computation

As social media posts are captured in the Earshot Social Media Processor, the Decibel Level™ dynamic algorithm is applied to compute a real-time relevancy score between 0.1 and 9.9 for every post. Decibel Level™ is uniquely weighted based on the variables and specific targeting interests of the brand or campaign, and is customizable as filtering interests change. Brands can now adjust variables such as location, keywords, personality traits, follower count, etc. in real-time to “tune” into what is most important to them at that moment, and use Decibel Level to unlock real-time relevance on social media.
Unlock the power of real-time relevance with Earshot's Decibel Level scoring system.

Prioritized Targeting

Armed with this new insight, clients are able to leverage and re-apply Decibel Level™ data to organic or more targeted programmatic campaigns. As real-time conditions change, so too does Decibel Level™, so that elements such as weather, mood, season, or events make the score dynamic for every moment and unique to every brand.

NEW Client control of Decibel Level is now live! Add a new dimension to real-time relevance with flexible campaign scoring.


Client control of Decibel Level scoring is live.

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