Earshot Analytics

Actionable insights for the enterprise

Earshot Analytics™ provides marketers with the intelligence to inform real-time campaigns or longer term marketing strategies. By tapping into the details of Decibel Level and the clues that reveal engagement success, marketers can quickly optimize how messaging is built and activated to increase the chances of conversion. Accessing invaluable data from scored campaigns will also help marketers adjust the weighting of Decibel Level™ in real-time to impact overall campaign results.

Track and optimize real-time campaigns

  • Interpret engagement rates, conversion rates, and overall effectiveness of messaging
  • Measure the value of earned media and total reach through real-time analytics
  • Customize the view of real-time analytics based on the campaign, Decibel Level™, and other parameters
Earshot's Real-Time Analytics dashboard enables marketers to easily analyze campaign performance
Share real-time analytics across the business to optimize campaigns

Easily share insights across the business

  • Capture valuable insights during or post-event to inform real-time campaigns or longer term strategies
  • Download scoring details to do a deeper interpretation of Decibel Scoring data and real-time analytics
  • Improve qualitative research through a deeper understanding of social conversation and intent

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