Event Marketing

Optimize your social media ROI at live events

Earshot helps brands extend sponsor dollars and tap into the power of “real-time” to drive action and lasting brand affinity through social media at live events. Whether it’s achieving offline goals such as sampling and surprise & delight or driving better online engagement with a more targeted audience, Earshot brings a new dimension to how brands can leverage the power of social media to optimize event marketing.

Location Expertise

  • Instantly access a location-verified feed of posts from attendees at or near the venue
  • Stay connected at the venue through push notifications via the Earshot mobile app
  • Access user-generated content for real-time paid campaigns or organic posts
Target attendees in real-time at live events through Earshot. Use Location scoring to target attendees through paid campaigns on Twitter and Facebook to optimize your event marketing efforts.
Optimize your event marketing efforts on social media with Earshot's Decibel Level scoring system. Decibel Level analyzes real-time insights such as location, event keywords, logo detection, etc. to instantly surface your brand's most relevant consumers in real-time.

Extend Sponsor Dollars at Events

  • Connect the online and offline experience and drive attendees to sampling, activate surprise & delight campaigns, etc.
  • Engage attendees “in the moment” when brand awareness is greatest and recall likely to be stronger
  • Tap into real-time intelligence to inform on-site adjustments or insights to improve overall event experience