Earshot Pulse

Never miss the moments that matter on social media

Earshot Pulse™ is a real-time feed of scored posts for real-time intelligence or 1:1 engagement. Pulse allows marketers to quickly surface the most relevant opportunities, and stay connected to changing conditions on social media. Let Earshot Pulse do the hard work of sifting through millions of posts to find the most relevant moments for real-time engagement.

Finding Moments

  • Filter posts in real-time to view what matters from follower count and logo detection to personality type and gender in seconds
  • Create real-time push notifications to never miss a moment and complement other social platforms for real-time engagement
  • Quickly scan posts to understand what is driving the Decibel Level™ score, and how to best engage consumers on social media
Leverage Earshot Pulse to optimize your brand's real-time engagement efforts on social media.
Earshot's customizable scoring enables marketers to adjust campaign settings in real-time, so important moments on social are never missed.

Customizable Scoring

  • Dynamically adjust the importance levels of different variables in real-time to impact scoring
  • Create multiple campaigns with different Decibel Level configurations to compute different scores for the same post
  • Add filters on the fly for keywords, profile information, image tags, weather, and many more

Real-Time Engagement

  • Create authentic 1:1 conversations with consumers who score high on Decibel Level
  • Use the details behind the Decibel Level computation to inform messaging and context
  • Create pre-set messages to make replies more scalable and provide consistent messaging for events or store openings
Leverage the Earshot enterprise platform and mobile app to trigger push notifications and pre-set messages to make real-time engagement a reality.

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