Customer Acquisition

Acquire new customers when needs or intent are explicit

Earshot is redefining how marketers can acquire new customers by harnessing the most relevant real-time signals found on social media. Going deeper into the context of the post to connect the dots between location, sentiment, time of day, and even the meaning of photos, Earshot is able to apply Decibel Levelâ„¢ on social to surface consumers who are most likely to convert into a new customer at any given moment.


Going further, Decibel Level becomes a smarter predictor of conversion over time by slicing through the noise to find moments when brands can truly be at the right place, right time. Whether conversion is measured in actual purchases, downloads of an app, or simple open rates, connecting social signals to conversions is a big opportunity to tap into the power of real-time.

Acquire New Customers in Real-Time

  • Distinguish different signals of need, intent, and wants to prioritize propensity to convert
  • Use location to influence scoring for people who can be driven to convert offline
  • Keep a pulse on changing weather conditions to capitalize on real-time conditions that can impact likelihood of conversion

Use Earshot Pulse to acquire new customers by leveraging real-time signals of intent from social media.

Customize Decibel Level scoring to acquire new customers on social media with Earshot.

Understand Social Signals of Intent

  • Combine intent with location, brand affinity insight, time of day, and other real-time variables to find the most qualified leads
  • Let Decibel Level become more predictive and intelligent over time by understanding social intent and need at a deeper level
  • Use the context of the post to drive more targeted communications and engagements