Influencer Marketing

Discover and engage influencers when brand affinity is strongest

Earshot is redefining how brands can discover and engage influencers in real time through social media. Earshot’s real-time relevancy scoring system, Decibel Level™, allows marketers to combine everything from location to logo detection to a user’s follower count, to surface new influencers or brand advocates around the clock.

Discover the Power of Timing

  • Surface influencers when emotions are strongest for the brand or product
  • Engage influencers when the likelihood of sharing on social media is highest
  • Connect with influencers when brand recall and brand affinity is strongest

Sony PlayStation uses Earshot's Decibel Level scoring to surface new influencers in real-time.

Earshot's Decibel Level scoring is customizable for influencer marketing. Leverage social signals such as follower count, logo detection, and personality type to optimize your influencer marketing efforts today.

Cast a Wider Net of Discovery

  • Go beyond the post to surface new influencers who would otherwise go undiscovered
  • Adjust influence settings of Decibel Level to find new influencers based on follower count, share rate, propensity to engage with brands, or even Klout score
  • Let Decibel Level run 24/7 to find new influencers all over the world sharing positive sentiment about your brand